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⊹⊱♥✿ Dirndl Fetisch ✿♥⊰⊹

Dirndl dress fans and fashionistas

Dirndl dress fans and fashionistas
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This community is for those who love to collect, wear, or even sew Dirndl dresses.
Posting topics may include various traditional Tracht from the German-speaking region of Europe, as well as modern versions of the Dirndl.
The focus is on *women's* traditional German, Austrian and/or Bavarian folk-wear.
Sorry gentlemen,
you'll need to go elsewhere to discuss Lederhosen ;-)

For those who would like to learn more about what a Dirndl dress actually is, go here:

For the definition of "Tracht":

Please read the rules below!

The Rules:

~Moderated Membership. Requests to join are emailed to the moderator for approval.

~Posts with photos of you or others in cheap Halloween costume Dirndl dresses are not allowed!! Don't post photos of yourself in that "Heidi Ho" costume at last years Oktoberfest frat party. If think that is what a Dirndl looks like, you shouldn't be here.

~As above, the same goes for the gratuitous drunk bimbo cleavage photos you got at last year's Beer Fest; NOT ALLOWED HERE. A little cleavage is to be expected wearing these fine ensembles, but let's keep it classy folks.

~With that said, if you are the creative type who sews and designs your own crazy fantasy Dirndl based on traditional methods and cut, by all means share it with us!
We love seeing these great dresses done in a modern twist.

~For now, posts must be rated PG. This may change to PG-13 in the near future, but all posts with any adult themes for now should be behind a cut.

~If your profile and journal are totally empty, it's very likely that you will be denied membership.
It's simple really. Someone who never expresses an interest in their own journal, will most likely never post in a community either.
Long story short; we don't want a community of lurkers.

~On the subject of "Lolita" style:
It's not allowed.
Indeed, there are many examples within this Asian trend inspired by Germanic folk fashions, though most of it reflects a more Victorian little girl look.
However, much of the Asian "Lolita" trend seems to be a very contrived sense of what is/was European. While I want to give folks a forum to post about how they incorporate Dirndl and other Germanic style Tracht into their daily or club fashions, I don't want this group to become Lolita Central.
There is an epic amount of LJ groups already dedicated to the Lolita trend, and they will be more than happy to let you post about your "super kawaii!" new frilly thing.

~**All posts must be in English**
If English is not your first language, please try to offer us a translation. This is mainly because English is more widely understood worldwide over say, Russian...*cough*

~Only members can post.

~Any large photos or artwork MUST be placed behind a cut.

~Lengthy posts must be behind a cut as well.

~DO NOT post subjects that have nothing to do with the theme of the group, etc.
(and you can always ask me first to approve something)

~No flame wars, no snark, respect each other.

~If you are here to just harass people, post political rants, or other such nonsense, you will be deleted and blocked.

~I think I covered all the basics, but any other ideas on rules are more than welcome.

Your moderator,