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Just thought I'd make a note of it...

So we are clear, These are NOT dirndl dresses.
I know this is pretty much just my opinion, but it's also based on traditional folk-wear fact.
These modern "interpretations" that are being peddled as dirndl, are running rampant both in Europe and stateside. I don't know about the rest of you, but personally I do not find them attractive, and want to burn them all.
They look like the crappy renaissance festival get-ups you see people trying to pull off as "garb" in California.
There are various versions out there of the below examples, but they all just need to go away:


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Hi, I'm new here. I bought my first dirndl only a couple of weeks ago, for a photoshoot, and now I'm hooked. I always loved the look of dirndl dresses but couldn't imagine them being comfy and practical. The green dirndl I'm wearing in these pictures proved me wrong. :-) I bought it on eBay from a German seller specializing in second hand dirndls of all kinds. She also has vintage dirndls (1950s onwards) for sale from time to time. The apron has been made by me.

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Ilsa Reinhardt

Another Dirndl Find

Thank you again Etsy!

I normally don't go for the higher necklines in Dirndl dresses, preferring the lower open bosom style with the blouse underneath.
This one struck me though; I love the color, it can be worn without the blouse as a sundress if I want to, and it has some neat raised detail (hard to see in photo) on the bodice.
For $17 USD, I couldn't pass it up.
Now I just wait for it to arrive. The nice apron alone was worth it, as I can use it with other dirndls.
Here is a photo from the listing. Please excuse the the model's choice of footwear:

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What's a Dirndl...

...Without the accessories? Ammirite?
Pimping out the necklace I bought from this lovely Dirndl store in Nuremberg, which was FULL of the most beautiful Dirndl's and Lederhosen I've ever seen (still sjskhfal;jf over it).

I grabbed it because of how simple it was. There were tons of necklaces to accommodate your dirndl, but I chose the one that looked pretty, har har. Also, it sort of matched the Apron I bought :D

Anyone else have some neat necklaces for their dirndl's?

My newest acquisition...

A pretty blue Dirndl that I had been watching on Etsy for ages.
As luck would have it, I had a bit of extra play money and I snagged it just now. Couldn't pass up the great price either.
Looking at the measurements listed by the seller, it might be a little big for me in the waist, but shouldn't be hard to fix. Dirndls are easy to alter. While it doesn't have its original white blouse and apron, I have a blouse and can make an apron to go with it. Perhaps in a pink or lavender, depending on the shade of the tiny floral print.

Thinking about adding some trim at the neckline too.